Guitar, J H Zimmerman, German, c. 1905


Object name
circa 1905
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Early 20th-century guitar with seven strings. Two-piece front of wide to medium grain. Purfling and edging of black and white lines and reddish wood. Soundhole with bevelled edges and collar of black and white lines enclosing band of inlaid mahogany. Ebonised pin-bridge with saddle of fret wire and pins of ivory with mother-of-pearl inserts. Straight narrow moustaches with small points. Ribs and one-piece back of a pale and striped African ‘mahogany’. Back slightly vaulted in both directions; one line of black and white edging on back. Neck and tuning-head of mahogany with ebony button on heel of neck. Neck is loose and set in a square housing; it is fastened with an exposed squareheaded bolt through heel and beech top-block so that neck is removable, and height of action is adjustable. Deeply-notched nut with a fret-wire bearing just in front of it. Fingerboard of ebony on an ebonised underlayer. Machines with white synthetic oblong heads.

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Length: 897mm. Width: 326.5mm. Depth: 87mm.

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